Batwoman Show Fan Art Recreates All 4 Original Batman Movie Posters

As part of an ongoing push to save the CW series, Batwoman fans recreate the show in the style of the four original Batman movie posters.

As part of an ongoing attempt to save Batwomanfans have reimagined all four original Batman movie posters with the show’s characters. Concluding back in March with the episode “Are We Having Fun Yet?” the Batwoman season 3 finale doubled as a series finale that also left room open for a continuation. This storytelling approach came about as rumors had been swirling for months that the CW superhero adaptation was likely facing the possibility of a cancellation.

The rumors were confirmed in April when it was reported that Batwoman season 4 would not be happening. The decision to cancel the show, along with several other CW scripted dramas, ultimately came down to the changing factors of streaming services, corporate mergers, and the network’s possibly impending sale. Fans of Batwoman, however, have not been deterred by the news. They’ve quickly launched a campaign to bring back the series, with billboards popping up in New York and calling for the Arrowverse show to be resurrected on HBO Max. The hashtag #SaveBatwoman has since become the rallying cry of the movement.


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Batwoman Supporters have now come up with another clever way to bring attention to their campaign, recreating all four original Batman posters to instead focus on the CW series and its stars. Lead actress Javicia Leslie features prominently along with the series’ main villain, Alice Kane (played by Rachel Skarsten). The posters, shared by Bam Smack Pow on Twitter, recreate the 1989 Batman poster, 1992’s Batman Returns1995’s Batman Foreverand 1997’s Batman & Robin. See them all below.

While it’s true that the Batwoman season 3 finale was meant partly as a fitting conclusion to the story as a whole, there have been hints as to where the series could go next if it were to be brought back. Leslie, who portrayed the main character of Ryan Wilder, revealed in the past that her ideal storyline involved the continuation of the popular Ryan and Sophie pairing. The actress also noted, more broadly, that she’d be open to a return in the Arrowverse. Showrunner Caroline Dries has likewise weighed in on the storylines of Batwoman season 4, noting that viewers would have seen more of Bridget Regan’s Poison Ivy. Likewise, Dries wanted an “almost post-apocalyptic” followup to the series’ Joker attack.

Still, the history of scripted series being resurrected after cancellation is decidedly mixed. A successful example would be Netflix’s announcement that it was bringing back the mystery drama Manifest for a final season. However, in that case, the decision was backed up by strong ratings data and not the whims of fans. DC and Warner Bros. have already accquiesced to fan campaigns when #ReleaseTheSnyderCut led to the studio finally letting Zack Snyder finish his version of the contested film. At other times, however, the pleas of viewers can fall on unresponsive ears for a variety of reasons. all the same, Batwoman‘s devotees deserve credit for mounting a creative push to rescue their show.

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