Juneau Metalworks play with fire, creates family business

SCOTT — The Juneaus like to play with fire. They’ve been doing it for decades, using high-temp torches to shape and fuse metal into unique jewelry, sculptures and furniture.

Pat and Suzanne Juneau met in college in Lafayette, and in the more than 50 years since, they married, taught school a short time and became full-time artists.

Their work continues today with double the hands. Their son, Andre, cuts designs in aluminum with a large CNC machine to help Pat create painted folk art sculptures and furniture, and daughter Angelique creates jewelry with her mom. Her favorite pieces are the more whimsical items like tiaras and headpieces.

Together they are Juneau Metalworks, a family business comprising two distinct styles of metal art. Pat and Suzanne also started the Louisiana Craft Guild, of which Andre is now the president.