Prince Louis’ behavior at queen’s jubilee sparks debate, Lifestyle News

If you tuned into Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebrations, you probably noticed Prince Louis’ behavior and antics. His adorable reaction to his mum’s supposed scolding sparked an online debate.

Some say the young prince displayed in appropriate behavior during his great-grandmother’s celebration. However, some parents argue that the boy only acted like most kids his age.

Prince Louis’ behavior at Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee

During Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee parade, Prince Louis’ behavior took the spotlight. Several snapshots of the young royal caught the attention of numerous netizens. Each photo showcased the typical childish antics of four-year-olds who want to rebel against their mums.

Some of the widely-shared pictures of Prince Louis include ones where he stuck out his tongue to his mum. Most parents couldn’t help but relate with the Duchess of Cambridge as she tried to appease her son’s tantrums. The prince’s defiant facial expressions also reminded mums and dads of their rebellious toddlers.

Most parents believe Prince Louis’ behavior looks similar to that of most four-year-olds. However, some believe the young royal’s antics should not be praised. Additionally, other netizens looked down on the Duchess’ ability to discipline her child.

In truth, we don’t blame those who believe that the prince did not act accordingly during the Queen’s Jubilee. Most onlookers think highly of royalty.

The Cambridges acknowledged Prince Louis’ behaviour

On William and Kate’s Instagram account, the couple looked back on the Queen’s Jubilee. Of course, they acknowledged Prince Louis’ behavior which gained viral fame.

The royal couple started the post by thanking the people who celebrated with them. They also acknowledged the crowds of people that flocked the streets to witness the parade.

Finally, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ended the heartwarming post by saying, “We all had an incredible time, especially Louis… 👀”

Netizens flooded the comments, agreeing that Prince Louis did indeed have an “incredible time” at the Jubilee. Most of the comments referencing the young royal’s cheekiness were positive.

Despite the online debate, we believe we can all agree that the prince behaved like most kids his age. In truth, most onlookers think his tantrum displays were tamer than that of most toddlers. You may even compare Prince Louis’ behavior to that of kids that throw tantrums in public.

One TikTok creator Amanda (@Matta_of_fact), who has a large following on the platform for talking about royal families from different countries, posted a video explaining why Prince Louis’ behavior at the Jubilee was not unexpected.

In her post about the young prince, she stated, “I think that [Prince] Louis is a four-year-old child [who] is not ready for these [types of] events.”

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Disciplining babies and toddlers

Here at theAsianparent, we have discussed the scenario of disciplining babies. While we believe it’s okay to start early, we also think that parents must keep their baby’s age in mind.

When it comes to teaching your kids to behave, we suggest you strengthen your resolve while keeping your tone calm. Moreover, we must try to refrain from raising our voices. Us parents need to convince our kids to behave without implementing any fear.

To help you keep track of disciplining your kids, here are some tips we have compiled:

Use a stern voice

Most parents shift their tone of voice when it comes to disciplining their kids. For new mums and dads, we suggest you come up with one. With this, your children can differentiate when they are being disciplined.

Praise them when they behave

After determining your strict tone, you can use your regular voice for praise. Additionally, you can add a cheery pitch to encourage good behaviour. When we praise our kids for behaving, they develop good manners as they grow.

Don’t be afraid to give them a timeout

The practice of timeouts plays an important role in teaching our kids to behave. As they grow, they normally develop attention-seeking behaviour. By practising timeouts, our children find the time to reflect on their actions without our help.

Break the tension with a laugh

Once our kids understand the consequences of their actions, we need to lighten the mood afterwards. With this, our children find the chance to move on from the tension of being disciplined. By breaking the tension, you can prevent any strain between you and your child.

Acknowledge your mistakes as a parent

As adults, we must display proper behavior to our kids. With this, they can follow in our footsteps and behave well in front of others. Additionally, we must also not be ashamed of admitting our faults. This teaches our kids to own up to their mistakes and improve on their behaviour.

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