Superman & Goku Are Basically the Same Person in Side-by-Side Fanart

Superman and Goku both showcase a now-rare kind of hero archetype. New fan art highlights what makes the two so special and why they’re the same.

Few heroes in any media have been linked together, compared, contrasted, or pitted together in dream fight scenarios as often Superman and Goku have been over the years.

There is an endless amount of fan art, fan videos, and full-blown arguments scattered across the internet from passionate readers hypothesizing who is more likely to win in a crossover battle. It’s easy to see why the viewing public has such a growing infatuation with connecting the two saviors of their respective universes. After all, the parallels between each other make it all too tempting to link the two. Both are inherently good-natured aliens who crash-landed on Earth as children and grew up to use their super strength (among other powers) to defend the planet they immigrated to. These are just the most apparent parallels, as there are several other similarities shared between Goku and Superman.


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Many of these parallels become all the more pronounced in fan art from joshdancato on DeviantArt (re-posted to Reddit). This art not only highlights similarities between the characters themselves, but also the world around them. Both have brooding frenemies who pull double duty as competitive rivals and best friends. In addition, both Goku and Superman have human best friends who aren’t the strongest against imposing adversaries, as well as a green superhuman best friend and a lacking nemesis in hair. If a casual reader did not know any better, they may think that Superman and Goku are actually the same person.

For some, pointing out these similarities may mean it takes away their respective unique qualities, but actually, it highlights the beauty of both characters and what makes Goku and Superman so special. In a modern world where the typical hero is cynical and dark, Goku and Superman are a now-rare breed of entirely pure and uncorrupted heroes. Most iterations depict Superman and Goku as lawfully good characters who no matter how dark their world gets, they will always believe that good can be achieved from anyone, proving that good will always over prevail evil.

The similarities don’t mean that any writers ripped anyone off or even that anyone in either medium has been inspired by the other (although there are instances where that seems to be the case). It means that both Goku and Superman are products of their environment. Their good nature inspires good in others, while also giving life to an evil that must be vanquished. Goku and Superman are, practically, the same hero archetype, and this fan art showcases why that is so important.

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Source: Joshdancato

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