The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse Trailer & Key Art Revealed [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at the trailer for the Disney+ extended-length special, “The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse.”

Screen Rant has the pleasure of presenting an exclusive trailer for an upcoming new episode of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, which will premiere on July 8 through Disney+. In “The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse,” the eponymous Mouse and his best friends are each asked to recall the wild events that led up to the Annual Summer Fireworks Spectacular. Contained within one of their points of view could be the key to solving a mysterious disaster.

“The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse” sees the return of several favorite fan characters aside from Mickey himself. Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, and Goofy are all set to leave their respective marks on the sunniest season. It is the third episode in a 4-part anthology that comprises The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse season 2, which has already featured ice skating tales for winter and a nature documentary for spring.


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But summer promises to be the most explosive season of all, if the exclusive new trailer for “The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse” is anything to go by. The narrator himself promises a “way more lit” version of events that’s “too hot for cable TV,” featuring fireworks and boat races that will ensure summer is never the same again. Watch the full trailer from Disney+ below:

Watch the full trailer here.

The charming humor and quirkiness of the previous episodes is very much present in the latest iteration of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. Furthermore, it’s especially fun to see each member of the Mickey Mouse club get their moment to shine, proving that everything is better with ones’ friends to share it with.

Screen Rant can also reveal the key art, as shown below:

wonderful summer of mickey mouse key art

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse is both a continuation and a revival of the Emmy Award-winning Mickey Mouse shorts from 2013, using the same style and featuring much of the same cast and crew. The late Russi Taylor, who was beloved in the role of Minnie Mouse, has been successful by Kaitlyn Robrock, but the remainder of the main character voices are supplied by the actors from the 2013 series, such as Chris Diamantopoulos as Mickey.

“The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse” is part of an anthology centered on the seasons, following February’s “The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse” and March’s “The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse.” Fans of the Disney friend group will certainly want to experience all the seasons with Mickey and his closest pals, especially because the shenanigans they get up to are always a surprise.

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The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse original special “The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse” will premiere through Disney+ on July 8.

Source: Disney Plus

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