War, famine and Davos Man

On the very week the United States marked its one millionth COVID death and anxious American parents awaited a military airlift for baby formula, Davos Man, he of the pinstriped master-of-the-universe class, emerged from his bulletproof, bombproof office to report all was well in the world of intergalactic finance and handmade shoes.

Well, kinda sorta well.

There was, after all, a brutal war raging near the Swiss enclave of the World Economic Forum and most key global stock markets remain underwater for the year.

And, sure, China’s economic growth this year is projected to be lower than America’s for the first time since Mao’s death in 1976 and US inflation is, um, high.

So, yes, there’s plenty to worry about, a Davos attendee told the Washington Post. “’There is a real angst about globalization this year,’ said Jason Furman, an economist at Harvard University and former Obama adviser. ‘I mean, there’s always angst about globalization, but the big question this year is: How do you get out of any of this stuff?’”